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Flexibility is our aim....

You having your day how you want it!
Initial Meeting

Preparation Planning the ceremony Budget planning Proposal. Giving you an idea of how we can help you on your day. We are very passionate about what we do and are 100% committed to our Bride & Grooms

Venue Location

What kind of venue you are looking for we have several venues that we work together with and also locations for marquee or tipee weddings. We work alongside venues that give you the flexibility to have your day your way!

Your Requirements

Talking together to get the full picture of your day and your requirements. Flexibility is what we pride ourselves on hence only working with venues that give us that and in turn will give you the day of your dreams.

Wedding Suppliers

We have an amazing list of wedding suppliers that we work with who are extremely reliable and professional. We have a great team who will always deliver the very best.

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What we're about

Your Wedding Your Day Your Way...
Everything with us is about making your day as you want it.

Flexibility is the name of the game
Making your day tailor made for you and what you want

Call us now to help you plan your wedding, party or event, take the stress away and enjoy your day knowing that all is in hand.

We're with you from start to finish giving you an end you will love!!!

  • Flexibility

    Making your day yours!

  • Commitment

    To you as our customer

  • Reliability

    To deliver your requirements

  • Professionalism

    From start to finish

Our Team

We're your team working with you ensuring you have an end result you will love!
Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds
Background in the catering industry and organising events & parties.
To me, every event is unique. I always put myself in the shoes of my clients and ask the one simple question, “if I was the client, how would I want everything to be done?” I’m a perfectionist and take pride in the detail and the little touches which make every event that little bit more special.
Jane Collier
Jane Collier
Background in the event industry and qualified photographer.
Being a photographer for the last seven years capturing weddings, events and parties has also given me the opportunity to co-ordinate and plan the weddings or event in hand as the timings are very important in making the most out of your day. This coupled with my promotional work co-ordinating and running events over the last 30 years has given me a varied skill set to use within our Warwickshire Weddings & Events company.

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Our Venues

We have amazing venues that we work in conjunction with who give you the flexibility to have your day the way you want it!

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